Fire contrast at Camp site

I have always enjoyed Mkhuze from the days I used to travel to Sodwana often stopping on my way to camp at the western gate( when it was open of course) – apparently they have water problems with a  borehole drying up so water  has to be carted to cater for anyone at a major expense for the showers/ablution blocks. Camping can be arranged if you plan ahead and organize with the local authorities.

 The taps in the camp site if dripping attract many birds in the region especially in the dryer times of the year so if you sit quietly nearby you can get some amazing close up photos.

Red winged Starling


Depending on the time of year there are various optional routes you could take. I was there in March and for the first time headed up the Northern route, which heads north veering north-west into the hills.


Along the way I found a huge group of Giraffe that were reasonably comfortable with you being close up joined by a group of Impala and Wildebeest. Further up into the hills I came across a family of Rhino, which were great to see with all the pressure they are under from poaching!


Young Impala

Family of Rhino

When passing through the main reserve admin site be sure to stop at the bird view site to the right of the reception entrance were you will be amazed at the photo opportunities from a variety of birds and antelope.

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On a more recent visit I happened to head to a water hole with a hide and was pleasantly surprised at how much game was there around midday July this time. What is great about this hide is it protrude over the water so you can find yourself looking down at Rhino a couple of meters below you allowing you to take stunning photos of the variety of antelope, Zebra, Warthog etc. coming to quench their thirst. 

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A major mistake most visitors make when visiting game reserves is they always look for the “big” five instead of looking at what lies in between and Mkhuze has plenty to offer. Because you are able to walk around this reserve to view sites there are plenty opportunities to whip out your new macro lens to get some closeups of some of the amazing insects, spiders, trees and flowers in the region. So open your vision to the photographic opportunities there are when ever you get out of your vehicle… however remember this is a wild environment so be aware of what s going on around you!

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If you are into birds you need to head to the main lake hide where you can sit for hours viewing the hippo and a variety of birds from pelicans to the smaller natal robin. There are numerous view points along the edge of this lake so make sure you stop at all of them. If you are fortunate you might be lucky to see some vervet moneys in the region that also give you fantastic photographic opportunities especially against the Fever Acacia Trees that are so abundant in the region


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Total rating : 29/40 = ***

This is a Reserve I highly recommend and  star ratings are as follows : Social 5 (great place to have your friends join you); Family 5 ( safe hiking and great fun for the entire family) ; Financial 3 ( unfortunately th campsite is closed due to problems with water so tented camp and rondavels available) ; Spiritual 5 ( plenty of time to spend on your own playing music, meditating, healing with no distractions) ; Health 3 ( Hiking only option so bring boots and walking gear) ; Intellectual 3 ( if you take an interest in nature the diversity of nature here is mind-boggling from amazing trees to stunning birds, butterfly, insects and various game including Hippo, Rhino, ELephant, Giraffe, Impala, Nyala, Wildebeest and buffalo. No Lion). Accommodation 2 – The Camp site has electricity otherwise basic (-1 ) there are a few rondavels and tented camping you can stay in if you wish to be more comfortable.;  Eco Footprint 3 – (-1 for fuel costs to get there).


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There are plenty of opportunities along the way to get fantastic photographs while driving to and from Mkhuze in the rural regions. I found this baby donkey at the turn off to the reserve in a perfect setting.